Tuesday, November 30, 2010


4Season OG Pant

Attention all urban bikers and hikers: This one's for you.

Outlier Tailored Performance is a New York based company that creates clothing specifically for active urbanites – those who don't want to pick and choose between breathability, comfort, and office ready style. In the company's words:
We firmly believe that the bicycle is the best form of urban transit for the 21st century, and our clothing is designed to make that fact even more true. Your clothing should work as well on a bicycle as it does on the subway or in a car, without shouting to the world "I'm a cyclist." ... You should always look like you belong inside the city, not just out on the road pedaling. 
Beyond this noble cause, the company is grounded in sense of responsibility, with a solid set of ethics:
We believe in strong communities and we see both our production people and our customers as an integral part of our personal community. We are here to build a long lasting company dedicated to quality. Quality in our product of course, and also quality in how we relate to the world. We treat people fairly and we treat our environment like it's not just our home, but the home we want our grandchildren to ride their bikes in.
Plus, it helps that the products impress as much as the mission.  The Outlier line includes, pants, shirts, outerwear and accessories created in a range of breathable, durable materials from Merino wool to their own double-weave (read: comfortable and flexible) fabrics.  Their line of pants is the most impressive, as they come in 7 (read: SEVEN!) styles, cut for function, body types and fit.

If you're even a bit curious you should peruse their site and seek them out in the flesh.  See below for more. Here's to eradicating pit-stains in client meetings and last minute dates.  - M

The Climber detail
60/30 Khakis
4Season OG Pant

Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A just-so presentation
by Tanner Goods

I could not have had a better time last weekend at the Pop Up Flea, which inspired a few posts (which are still in the works). In the mean time, here are just a few drive-by shots I snapped while perusing the goods.  They're adjusted using the Instagram app for iPhone. (If you're on it, give me a holler, my user name is marisazupan.) - M

Getting schooled
Alexander Olch
One Brother Bray
 of Billy Kirk
Pebble Boot
Oak Street Bootmakers
Billy Kirk x Sebago boot
Alexander Olch booth
Vintage  Toggle
Weekend Bag
J.W Hulme Co.
Leather Head Sports

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've been stalking these boots for about a month now so it's absurd that I haven't blogged about them yet. I first saw them online, oogled over them at Shoe Market in Williamsburg, and have steered many a gent in their direction. This boot embodies why I first admired Zuriick - a minimalist take on classic silhouettes, modern details, and unusual color ways, (like this Eggplant/Turquoise combo). The Nico is a slimmer, sleeker boot making it a good alternative when a heftier boot just isn't quite right for travel, warmer fall weather, or your style. The black version also earns high marks – not bad for a dressed down suit. Plus, they're easy on the wallet so you don't have to feel bad about buy two pairs. ;)

My co-worker recently bought a pair and allowed me the pleasure of snapping a few pics before the workday began, see them below and shop Zuriick here. - M

Friday, November 19, 2010


Gentlemen, be a gentleman and pocket your phone with this...or at least follow its advice. No more Twitter over dinner pls, I don't care how my RT's you're getting.  And yes, that goes for the Ladies too, I'll be the first to admit, I'm the worst culprit of all.  Plus, it's the holidays, here's to less texting and more toasting. - M

ps. Cheeky message aside, I love the simple stitching and embellishment on this kerchief. I'd even fold it word-side-in and use it as an every day pocket square.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket

T'is the season to prepare for hibernation and I've been getting so many questions about winter jackets lately that I thought it warranted a post of its own. Jacketry, as I lovingly call it, is my ultimate achilles heel, and this season it has impressed at every price/style/construction so it was teeth-pullingly hard to pick and chose. That said, hopefully there is something in this selection to suit many a fancy and wallet size. I'm looking forward to adding to the list - the more the merrier - so don't hesitate to leave suggestions.  Check out the list with notations below the jump and happy parka-ing.  - M

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Props to Tom's for being the first brand to make money off of Movember Madness. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of corduroy shoes but as foot attire for Movember festivities go, they're of course unrivaled. Plus, as a lady, if I can't support Movember on my face, I might as well support it on my feet, and donate a pair of shoes while I'm at it. Revel in their mustachiness at Toms.com. - M