Sunday, January 30, 2011


Being an avid reader of Free & Easy is like marrying a Brazilian man when you don't even speak Portuguese. You can't understand a damn thing and probably never will, but my God it just looks so damn pretty and never fails to make the heart go pitter patter.

Anyway, I purchased this one at Unionmade Goods (from a fellow named Spencer Lemon - fantastic name); below are some of my favorite morsels from this month's issue and check out my Flickr for the full set. As the Japanese might say, Enjoy! (^_^)  - M

Camera Porn

Love this vintage cover.

You now have permission.

Cabourn. Never fails.

Like a glove
Sexy Sandwich Man

Inspired by Redford.

The Muytjens

Tweed jacket, deconstructed
A classic
Carryall lust
Want x 4
This guy wins.
Adore this
The Newman

Couldn't resist


  1. Great blog. Nice to get a lady's viewpoint.

    The thing with Free & Easy, and really any other great looking foreign language magazine, is that everytime I contemplate buying one I think, "I could pretty much see all this stuff on the internet for free. I'd rather spend the money on an equally expensive mag that I can actually read, like Monocle."


  2. Thanks for reading and writing David!

    Re: F&E I know what you mean. For me there is something about the actual magazine - the way it's edited, art directed, and the perspective it has on style - that makes it a artifact of sorts. Sure I've got piles of F&E's that I haven't opened in years, but when I do I always remember why I bought them. Call me a romantic, but there's nothing better than a heavy magazine on a Sunday afternoon.