Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You'll notice that the image above contains ample negative space and one bombastic pair of shoes. Mind you, I know these aren't for everyone and certainly intimidate most, but they also promise to be the crowning sartorial glory of any man's shoe collection should he be ballsy enough to take the leap. These loafers just have that much gravitas.

This phenomenon is not unusual for Mr. Hare shoes. The company began as the mission of one man - yes, Mr. Hare - to create footwear that he, simply, liked. Nearly three years and four collections later, he's created a fleet of shoes, boots and loafers that a great many like, if not revere. Mr. Hare's offerings are distinct in almost every way that counts - in silhouette, manufacturing and materials making them some of the more unique pieces on the market. These are no exception.

The Mailer loafer upper and tassels - which appear more substantial than most - are made with Vacchetta leather, an untreated animal rawhide that is traditionally used for the trim of luggage and bags. Vachetta is susceptible to sunlight, which means care is important, but also that the shoe will darken in shade over time, creating a natural patina.  The lasts for the shoes - those old-timey looking wooden shoe molds - are crafted in Northampton, England and then sent to Italy where the shoe is then constructed over the last.

Available in Tan, Navy and Black they retail for a cool £405, or approximately $656 depending on the exchange. The Tan version, featured here, are a solid option for Spring if you want to class things up a bit; one that will surely hold its own amidst this, the season of ornate footwear, (read: an increasingly aggressive double monk takeover).

To purchase or for more info you can contact Mr. Hare directly by reaching out to the spectacularly helpful James Hayes [email]. For more about Mr. Hare check out this excellent interview with the man himself on Style Salvage. Cheers and Happy loafering. - M

Mr. Hare Mailer Loafer + Dressy Spring Essentials
Mr. Hare Mailer Loafer
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  1. I'm not really into tassels, but those are pretty sweet. The high vamp helps them look more masculine and less like slippers.

  2. @unitedstyle Right? A beautiful and unique shoe all around. Definitely, one that can be appreciated by 'advanced' players :)