Monday, March 28, 2011


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than posting about a one of a kind item made by someone I respect as a designer and also consider a rad person. This week, the limited Dual Use Short by Kristen at Wintercheck Factory gives me the opportunity to do just that.

As the name would suggest, these are designed to be worn both as swim trunks and every day shorts. They were inspired by the fact that swim trunks, as a limited use item, often end up a difficult piece to purchase and not a particularly valuable commodity in one's wardrobe as a whole. As Kristen puts it,  "In order to expand the use of a higher quality US made swim trunk, we made the liner removable (it buttons into the waistband) so that a man could also work these into his regular summer wardrobe."

The Dual Use Shorts, which also come in black (below), are manufactured in Brooklyn and only 304 pieces were made for this first run. The outer fabric is milled in the state of Massachusetts with a Hydrowick coating (for maximum waterproofness) and the removable liner is made from high quality Toray Japanese Mesh. There is a double snap closure at the waist, no zipper, trouser pockets, back pockets with a metal ring to hold your keys.  Pretty much the picture of functionality. 

So, now imagine it's a sweltering 98 degrees on a summer Friday, the kind where you stop work at 2 PM and head out of the city immediately. Throw these on with a short sleeve button down, some canvas sneaks, cotton blazer, a pair of shades. Pretend to do some work at the office for a couple hours, hop on the train to the nearest lake, shrug off your blazer and you're ready to kayak, hike, swim, whatever. As much as I hate to be all lifestyle-rific about it, you have to admit, these shorts just made your summer. All for a cool $49.00. Hop to fellas. - M

// Wintercheck Factory

Wintercheck Dual Use Short in Black
in black
with removable liner
key hook detail


  1. The black definitely more than the putty grey.

  2. i love the key hook detail. kristen rules.