Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A few weeks ago Japanese brand Nonnative dropped this beautifully styled S/S collection during a stretch when I was too busy to write anything. Sure, four weeks after the fact seems a bit late but when my browser tells me I've visited a site over 40 times in two weeks I generally take it as a sign and so here we are.

This season Nonnative remains consistent with its 'urban outdoors-man' aesthetic, but airs more heavily on the urban side of the equation, a departure from the rugged, 'artisty mountaineer' theme presented for F/W.  This time around they've designed an impressive range of casual pieces for a more relaxed, deconstructed silhouette. While there are a few formal elements thrown in, everything is thoroughly wearable and cast in a palate that balances washed out pastels, which are so popular this season, with darker, richer tones. I'm especially a fan of the highly pigmented purple accents that I suspect, and hope, we'll see pop up again in the fall.

The styling - some of the best this season - shows off the versatility of the collection; drawing upon the strengths of the accessories and footwear which are the true heroes here. Thanks to Nonnative's informative and pretty website, I've been able to pair detail shots with pulls from the lookbooks, both spring and summer.

Looking at it all now, I realize I'll actually be sad to have to publish anything after this as its probably the best looking post I've written here - easy when the pieces and presentation are so flawlessly executed.  Certainly deserving of applause all around. It's a tough act to follow, but I look forward to see how they plan to top it next season. - M

// nonnative.com

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  1. Really nice! I can see why you hit that site 40 times! That short trench and the bottom-buttoned trousers are great- and that plaid tie is a must-have. Cheers.